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What is the Public Community?

The Public Community is a community platform that helps brands grow customer relationships and monetize user-generated content. For a fixed monthly subscription, we provide you with a customizable, branded community where your audience can connect, get answers, and discuss shared interests.

You can also monetize your community by displaying promotional content like advertisements, subscription forms, affiliated products, and your own branded content. We provide you with the flexibility to earn money on your own terms in ways that make sense for you, your community, and your content.

What is the WordPress integration?

The Public Community offers a WordPress plugin that makes your comment section part of your online community. As a result, your comment section becomes a social hub where your readers can connect, engage around a shared passion, and become loyal community members. Learn more about the community platform

Currently, the WordPress integration is offered as part of the community platform and not as a standalone plugin.

What is the Partner Program?

Our Partner Program makes it easy for hosts to connect and collaborate with brands on campaigns that unlock the earning potential of their community. Communities with over 1,000 active members can apply to connect with advertisers looking to promote their products, and earn money by displaying sponsored content in their community.

How much does it cost?

The Public Community is free while in Beta. You can learn more about our future billing plans here. You can set up your community now and pick a plan later, no credit card required.
Getting started is easy and takes less than five minutes.

Do I need a web host?

No. The Public Community includes secure, unlimited hosting on all plans. Enjoy world-class speed & reliability (powered by Amazon Web Services) without the hassle of server maintenance, FTP, software updates and other annoying acronyms. Your community will load quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world.

Coming soon

Earn through our Partner Program

The Partner Program is our way to make communities valuable for both hosts and members. It connects rising communities with relevant advertisers, creating a partnership that allows hosts to earn money by displaying sponsored content.

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