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Essentials features for small online communities. Hosting included!

Engaging, easy-to-manage community hosted on our servers.

Extensions & custom theme

Customize your community with extensions and theme customization.

Fast, reliable hosting

Host your community on industry-leading infrastructure. No technical knowledge required.

Custom HTML placement

Display mail subscriptions forms or promote your own content with easy, custom HTML placement

25,000 pageviews/month

A pageview is recorded whenever a page of your community is viewed or refreshed.


Showcase your brand with greater customization and monetization tools

Everything in Free, and:
Connect your own domain
Connect your community forum to your own custom domain to showcase your brand (while still enjoying the benefits of hassle-free hosting)

Web push notifications

Notify users via the community, browser or email about new replies in threads or topics they follow

Advanced SEO tools

Boost the visibility of your community in search engines with a simple, plug-and-play extension that automatically converts your threads into SEO-friendly pages

Google AdSense monetization

Display advertisements from Google AdSense to monetize your community

100,000 pageviews/month

A pageview is recorded whenever a page of your community is viewed or refreshed.


Engage your WordPress readers with social comments and quality discussions

Everything in Standard, and:
Connect your WordPress comments and user-base with to your community forum. Grow your user base, increase time on site, host vibrant discussions between your readers and turn them into loyal community members.

Auto content filtering

Automatically flag toxic comments and profanity by Conversation AI (Artificial intelligence). You can also blacklist certain words via the admin panel

Real-time chat

Connect your members with a real-time chat which seamlessly integrates into your community

Priority chat support

Need a helping hand? Chat with us directly through your community's Administrative area

350,000 pageviews/month

A pageview is recorded whenever a page of your community is viewed or refreshed.


Contact us to discuss a tailor-made solution that matches your vision

Everything in Pro, and:

SFTP & database access

Access and modify your community and its database via SFTP and phpMyAdmin

SAML single sign-on (SSO)

Integrate SAML2 SSO login and registration on your community

Branded emails

Send customizable, branded emails from your own domain and your own SMTP settings

Customer success manager

Get a dedicated customer success manager to help you get the most out of your online community

1,00,000 pageviews/month

A pageview is recorded whenever a page of your community is viewed or refreshed.
Also includes these goodies...

Media and GIF support

Upload & embed media from Giphy, Imgur, YouTube & more

Multilingual support

Supports dozens of languages and multilingual communities

Social signup

Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter and other platforms


Use Likes and custom emojis to reward your loyal members

Custom ranks & badges

Distinguish special members with your own custom ranks

Mailchimp integration

Add members to your Mailchimp list

Polls and Q&A

Allow members to mark questions as answered

Automatic updates

No more worrying about servers, downtime and tech

Progressive Web App

Offer a mobile and desktop app, which even works offline

Global CDN

100+ data centers worldwide, powered by CloudFlare

Built-in spam protection

Maintain quality discussions and keep spammers away

In-app notifications

Members get notified on @mentions and new activity

Unlimited storage

Grow your community without worrying about storage

Free SSL Certificate

Keep your community secure and boost your search rankings

Analytics integration

Connect Google Analytics and track your members' activity

Dark mode

Make your community sexier with a built-in dark mode

User roles & permissions

Set permissions for different groups of users (like Mods)

You own the data

You can always access and export your community data

Coming soon
Connect with advertisers through our Partner Program to easily monetize your community

How does the Beta work?

During the Beta period, you can create an online community for free and access all of the features included in our Pro plan. You can connect your community to a custom domain, add Extensions and enjoy hassle-free hosting with automatic updates. Once The Public Community launches out of beta (October 2020), you can choose which plan and features you wish to keep using. Creating a community now is easy and doesn't require a credit card.

Do you display ads in my community?

No, we don't (even in the Free plan). You can keep your community completely ad-free, or monetize it by promoting sponsored content. Your community — your choice.

Do I need a web host?

No. The Public Community includes secure, unlimited hosting on all plans. Enjoy world-class speed and security (powered by Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare) without the hassle of server maintenance, FTP, software updates and other annoying acronyms. Your community will load quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world.

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